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A résumé is defined as a written compilation of education, work experience, credentials, and accomplishments used to apply for jobs. A perfected résumé results in an interview or interviews and ultimately assists clients on obtaining a job offer or offers. There are three types of résumés produced in different formats, creatively crafted by Ansel Resume Resolution Services. These résumé types include: an entry level résumé, a professional résumé, and an executive level résumé. To compliment any résumé, ARRS offers two types of cover letters: a target and a broad cover letter. Each of the below three résumé types can be tailored as either a target résumé or an inventory résumé. A target résumé is crafted when you know the position you are applying for or the industry you are applying in. An inventory résumé is created when you are open to options and/or you cannot identify what you want to do for employment.

Definitions for each type of résumé and cover letter

An Entry Level Résumé is for someone just entering the professional work force. An entry level résumé contains little or no prior work experience.

A Professional Level Résumé is for clients with professional backgrounds and associated credentials (when applicable), seeking employment in the professional workforce.

An Executive Résumé is for a client seeking or holding a top-level position. Executive résumés are created for clients applying for high-level management positions or advancements. These positions include: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), President, Vice President, and Director.

A Target Cover Letter is recommended when you know the position you are applying for or the industry you are applying in.

A Broad Cover Letter is recommended when you are open to options and are applying for different types of employment and/or within different employment fields.

A Thank You Note is provided after an interview.

Undergraduate and Graduate College and University Essay Tutoring

College essays are a rite of passage for teens and young adults applying to their preferred colleges. Yet, how do you stand out among an increasingly competitive crowd of applicants? Jennifer-Lynn's college essay tutoring can help you shine. ARRS also offers tutoring for other academic papers. Please Contact Us for quote - no obligations. Initial interview with returned feedback starting at $75.00.

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